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Preachers of Atlanta

Preachers of Atlanta is American Reality TV series. Produced by L. Plummer Media. It first aired on Feb 03, 2016, on Oxygen.


How Many Seasons In Preachers of Atlanta: 1 (8 episodes)

Season 2


Season 1

Season premieres on February 3, 2016

Finale: March 23, 2016

Oxygen, 8 episodes

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What Time Is Preachers of Atlanta On?

Preachers of Atlanta is on Oxygen (United States) Wednesdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S1E8 (Hell and Back) - Air Date: Mar 23, 2016 (4 years ago)

News & Interviews

'Preachers of Atlanta' premiere updates: New pastors set to breakdown boundaries for positive change - ChristianToday - via Christiantoday

In a preview for the reality series, the gospel singer explained her unusual way of sharing the words of God. She has previously said that she's all for meeting people where they are, as she has realized that most would not go to church looking for salvation.

'Preachers of Atlanta' news: Third season of 'Preachers' to air on Feb. 3. - ChristianToday - via Christiantoday

'Preachers of Atlanta' Features Famous Faces, Unconventional Preaching - Christian Post - via Christianpost

'Preachers of Atlanta' Singer Le'Andria Johnson Continues With Public Profanity - Christian Post - via Christianpost

Meet the 'Preachers of Atlanta' - atlantadailyworld - via Atlantadailyworld

Introducing the 'Preachers of Atlanta' coming to Oxygen Feb. 3 - Atlanta Journal Constitution - via Ajc

One's a cop. Another is a gospel singer and former winner of BET's "Sunday Best." A third is a rapper and producer. A fourth is a life coach. The fifth is a fifth-generation preacher who is seeking to inspire youth ot ministry.

Oxygen announces 'Preachers of Atlanta'; the rumored cast member - atlantadailyworld - via Atlantadailyworld

'Preachers of Atlanta' premieres February 3 - Amsterdam News - via Amsterdamnews

Gay pastor's son to star in 'Preachers of Atlanta' reality series - The Georgia Voice - via Thegavoice

Is the Church Ready for 'Preachers of Atlanta' Pastor Le'Andria Johnson? - Guardian Liberty Voice - via Guardianlv

Is there such a thing as being too real? One thing is certain, preachers are people too. Unfortunately, they do not have the privilege that others do of processing life in private. Truth is, everyone has things they are working through and God certainly forgives, sadly, many of his followers do not. This leads to the question, “Is the church ready for Pastor Le’Andria Johnson. Well, ready or not she is here to stay and making headlines along the way.

'Preachers of Atlanta' brings edge to religion for Oxygen February 3 - Atlanta Journal Constitution - via Ajc

Dr. Holly Carter prepares to debut 'Preachers of Atlanta' and Merge Symposium - Rolling Out - via Rollingout

Reality Show 'Preachers of Atlanta' to Feature 'Pastor' Who Hands Out Cigarettes, Condoms on Street - Christian News Network - via Christiannews

Upcoming reality TV show 'Preachers of Atlanta' shows gospel singer handing out cigarettes, condoms on the streets - ChristianToday - via Christiantoday

Le'Andria Johnson Joins 'Preachers of Atlanta' Reality Show [Video] - Guardian Liberty Voice - via Guardianlv


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