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Preachers' Daughters

Preachers' Daughters is American Reality TV series. Produced by Thinkfactory Media. Stars: Audrey Perry, Cheryl Perry, Emily Perry. Also known as Filhas do Bom Pastor in Brazil. It first aired on Mar 12, 2013, on Lifetime. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.2 *. Preachers' Daughters is set in USA.


How Many Seasons Are In Preachers' Daughters: 3 (31 episodes)

Season 4


Season 3

Season premieres on January 23, 2015

Lifetime, 11 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on March 5, 2014

Lifetime, 10 episodes

Season 1

2013, Lifetime, 10 episodes

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Preachers' Daughters is on Lifetime (United States) s at 6 pm

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S3E11 (Judgment Day) - Air Date: Apr 03, 2015 (5 years ago)

News & Interviews

Preachers' Daughters Exclusive: Lifetime Show Focuses On Missions Trips, Bolder Stories in New Season - Christian Post - by Christianpost

"My story is one heck of a story. I really hope that it's an inspiration that you can come from anything," Kristiana told CP. "One of the reasons I came on this show was to share my story ... that even when things are super dark and you feel there's no way out, there's always a way out. I want to be a true living person right now, an example that God can change anything, He can bring you out of the darkness, He can do it all."

Preachers' Daughters Exclusive: Pastor Ken Coleman Talks Faith as He Faces Battle With Kidney Failure - Christian Post - per Christianpost

"I'll have to take more pills and they'll keep me in the hospital extra days just to make sure that it doesn't reject right away. There's a high rejection factor involved with this disorder so it's kind of rough," Pastor Coleman told CP. "But I've got faith, I've got confidence in God. I got confidence that He is going to bless me with a good healthy kidney and we're going to make it work for about 20 to 30 years."

PHOTOS BIOS New Preachers' Daughters Season 2 cast Tori and Megan - - by Starcasm

Adding to the difficult transition is Megan’s brother Zac, 19, who is recovering from an addiction to prescription pills that played out very publicly in the church’s congregation. Zac has since completed two stints in rehab, but a potential relapse always weighs heavy on the hearts of his dad and mother, Darleen Cassidy

PHOTOS Preachers' Daughters' Olivia Perry got married! - - by Starcasm

Olivia isn’t too active on social media these days, but family members shared some sweet snaps from the nuptials. Dad Mark Perry, who officiated the ceremony, added on Facebook, “Wow. Married off my baby girl! Got home, slept, woke up, cried with joy some more, going back to sleep… But my heart feels so tender… What a day.”


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