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Port Protection

Port Protection is American Reality TV series. Produced by Adjacent Productions. Stars: Jeffrey Johnson, Timothy 'Curly' Leach, Sam Carlson. It first aired on Jul 19, 2015, on National Geographic Channel. The series has 8.2 * rating by IMDb. Port Protection is filmed in USA.


How Many Seasons Of Port Protection Are There: 4 (34 episodes)

Season 5

National Geographic Channel

Season 4

Season premieres on January 8, 2019

National Geographic Channel, 5 episodes

Season 3

Season premieres on March 12, 2017

Returns: March 1, 2018

Finale: March 8, 2018

National Geographic Channel, 7 episodes

Season 2

2016, National Geographic Channel, 12 episodes

Season 1

2015, National Geographic Channel, 10 episodes

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Port Protection Time Period

Port Protection is on National Geographic Channel (United States) Sundays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 4 Episode 5 (The City Girl) - Air Date: Feb 05, 2019 (6 months ago)

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