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Outcast is British Drama TV series. Created by Robert Kirkman. Produced by Circle of Confusion. Stars: Patrick Fugit, Philip Glenister, Wrenn Schmidt. It first aired on Jun 03, 2016, on FOX. The series has 7.5 * rating by IMDb. Outcast is set in USA.


How Many Seasons Are There Of Outcast: 3 (21 episodes)

Season 3

Season premieres on September 28, 2018

FOX, 1 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on April 3, 2017

Finale: June 5, 2017

FOX, 10 episodes

Season 1

2016, FOX, 10 episodes

Outcast Streaming

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When Does Outcast Come On

Outcast is on FOX (United Kingdom) Mondays at 10 pm

Last episode:

Season 3 Episode 1 (To The Sea) - Air Date: Sep 28, 2018 (6 months ago)

News & Interviews

Outcast Wallaby reveals his inner torment - via Sunshinecoastdaily

"I stuffed up, I not only embarrassed all the players, all of Australian rugby, all the fans, all the young kids, I understand that, but the people I was really worried about were the people in my family who didn't need any more stress.

Outcast season 2 release date revealed - via Looper

Outcast, la seconda stagione arriva anche negli USA - via Mondofox

Cinemax Sets Robert Kirkman's 'Outcast' Season Two Premiere Date - via Horrornewsnetwork

Robert Kirkman's 'Outcast' Gets Season 2 Premiere Date On Cinemax - via Deadline

Outcast's Long-Awaited Second Season Premieres in July - via Tvguide

The series was renewed for a second season months before Season 1 premiered in the summer of 2016. Season 2 of the Fox International Studios-produced series aired in the U.K. in spring 2017, but it's taken a year for the ten episodes to make it across the pond.

Cinemax's Suspense-Horror Series 'Outcast' Returns for Season 2 July 20 - via Fanbolt

'Skate Kitchen' Star Jaden Smith on 'Being an Outcast' in Skateboarding's Boys Club (Video) - via Thewrap

'This Is Me' From 'The Greatest Showman' Is an Anthem for Outcasts - via Variety

Foot-tapping cheesiness: Great soundtrack tells story of PT Barnum's life - via Abqjournal

This is an original work, inspired by the life of the legendary 19th-century promoter P.T. Barnum, who was devoted to finding new and creative ways to attract a crowd – even if it meant stretching the truth and inventing narratives.

Outcast is Back: Robert Kirkman and the Cast on the Bigger Scope of Season 2 - IGN - via Ign

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