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Orphan Black Canada

Orphan Black Canada is Canadian Drama TV series. Produced by Temple Street Productions. Stars: Tatiana Maslany, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris. Also known as Клонинги in Bulgaria. It premiered on Mar 30, 2013, on Space. The series has 8.3 * rating by IMDb. Won the Primetime Emmy, ACTRA Toronto Award, Canadian Cinema Editors Award, Canadian Screen Award, Critics' Choice TV Award. Orphan Black Canada is filmed in Canada.


How Many Seasons Of Orphan Black Canada Are There: 5 (50 episodes)

Season 6


Season 5

Season premieres on June 10, 2017

Finale: August 12, 2017

Space, 10 episodes

Season 4

Season premieres on April 14, 2016

Finale: June 16, 2016

Space, 10 episodes

Season 3

2015, Space, 10 episodes

Season 2

2014, Space, 10 episodes

Season 1

2013, Space, 10 episodes

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Orphan Black Canada TV Listings

Orphan Black Canada is on Space (Canada) Saturdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 5 Episode 10 (To Right the Wrongs of Many) - Air Date: Aug 12, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

The Marketing Of 'Orphan Black' Is A Glimpse Into The Complexity Of International Television - Forbes - per Forbes

As far as surprise hits go, few can compete with the acclaim received by newcomer Orphan Black in 2013. A Canadian production by birth, the series picked up major steam with both fans and fellow television personalities (including Patton Oswalt and Josh Friedman) during its freshman season, which aired on both sides of the border with simulcasts on BBC America and the Canadian network Space. Now with the premiere of season two a little over a month away, both networks are using different styles to attack two completely different types of viewership.

'Orphan Black' Recap, Season 5 Episode 6 - Vulture - according to Vulture

Unfortunately, John finally got a little too carried away in his Machiavellian ways, bringing in Virginia Coady (who, of course, came running back after escaping the psych ward with Sarah’s key) to neutralize Susan Duncan’s silly moral whinging. As a general rule, when bending people to your will — especially women scientists — you should probably not remind them that you’re wildly successful, despite your mediocrity, because you “bought” their superior intellects and have a penis. On what planet would this have been a good idea, John?

Orphan Black 501: The clones face the beginning of the end - TV, eh? - by Tv-eh

After four seasons spent tumbling down the rabbit hole in an attempt to uncover the conspiracy behind the creation of Sarah Manning and her sister clones, Orphan Black‘s fifth (and last) season finally emerges in Wonderland—a Wonderland as conceived by H.G. Wells, that is.

Saskatchewan's Tatiana Maslany, star of 'Orphan Black', nominated for Emmy - via Thestarphoenix

“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” hosted by the titular Toronto-born comedian, received a nod for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. Bee is also nominated for outstanding writing in a variety series where two other Canadians are recognized, including Montreal’s Barry Julien, one of the writers on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” and Lorne Michaels of “Saturday Night Live.”


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