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Operation: Fishing Freedom

Operation: Fishing Freedom is American Reality TV series. Produced by Ron Schara Productions. Stars: Jay Garstecki, Ben Olsen, Bill Sherck. It premiered on Jan 06, 2017, on Discovery Channel. IMDb's user rating for the series is 8.9 *.


Operation: Fishing Freedom Number Of Seasons: 1 (9 episodes)

Season 2

Discovery Channel

Season 1

Season premieres on January 6, 2017

Discovery Channel, 9 episodes

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Operation: Fishing Freedom TV Time

Operation: Fishing Freedom is on Discovery Channel (United States) Fridays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 1 Episode 9 (Kurt Power) - Air Date: Mar 03, 2017 (3 years ago)

News & Interviews

Sarley: Discovery's 'Operation: Fishing Freedom' proves to be worth your time - Northwest Herald - via Nwherald

Last year, Garstecki and Olsen began filming "Operation: Fishing Freedom." On the show, the duo take U.S. military veterans fishing as a means of helping to heal the effects of their war experiences. They rightly claim that in a fishing boat, people tend to talk. Veterans don’t particularly like to talk about their combat experiences, but in a boat, they tend to open up and share some great stories.

Operation: Fishing Freedom provides a place to fish, a place to share - according to Hometownsource

“Finding veterans and all of that has all gone extremely well. There’s no shortage of stories and material. With Ron Schara Productions, we’ve absolutely been very lucky. In terms of outdoor programming, they’re as good as production gets in the outdoor world. The fishing’s always interesting. There’s no guarantee: some shoots are really good, some shoots are kind of tough.”


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