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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is American Drama TV series. Created by Adam Horowitz. Produced by Kitsis/Horowitz. Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla. Also known as Имало едно време in Bulgaria. It premiered on Oct 23, 2011, on ABC. The series has 7.7 * rating by IMDb. Winner of the ALMA Award, BMI TV Music Award, Leo, Teen Choice Award, Joey Award. Once Upon a Time is set in Canada.


How Many Seasons Of Once Upon a Time Are There: 7 (156 episodes)

Season 8


Season 7

Season premieres on October 6, 2017

Returns: March 2, 2018

Finale: May 18, 2018

ABC, 22 episodes

Season 6

Season premieres on September 25, 2016

Returns: March 5, 2017

Finale: May 14, 2017

ABC, 22 episodes

Season 5

2015, ABC, 23 episodes

Season 4

2014, ABC, 23 episodes

Season 3

2013, ABC, 22 episodes

Season 2

2012, ABC, 22 episodes

Season 1

2011, ABC, 22 episodes

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Once Upon a Time Air Time

Once Upon a Time is on ABC (United States) Fridays at 8 pm

Last episode:

Season 7 Episode 22 (Leaving Storybrooke) - Air Date: May 18, 2018 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

Exclusive 'Once Upon a Time' Season 7 Deleted Scene: 'I Didn't Expect to See You Here' - per Comicbook

Celebrate the epic adventure and enduring magic as television’s most bewitchingly tangled tale concludes in ABC’s Once Upon a Time: The Complete Seventh and Final Season. A few years after the Final Battle in Storybrooke, a grown-up Henry Mills leaves home in search of his own destiny. What he finds is true love with a new incarnation of Cinderella and unexpected danger from her hateful stepmother and stepsister—plus the added menace of Mother Gothel, a villainous sorceress. And when a new Dark Curse erases his and everyone else’s memories, it’s up to Henry and Cinderella’s daughter Lucy, with the help of Regina, Wish-Realm Hook, Gold and Zelena, to defeat Gothel and end her reign of terror. If they succeed, will Rumple and Belle ever be reunited? Will Regina finally get her happy ending and will all past memories be restored?

'Once Upon a Time' composers Cindy O'Connor and Michael D. Simon on 'bittersweet' Emmy nomination for show's ... - per Goldderby

O’Connor and Simon started out writing additional music for Isham before joining him as full-time composers in the last season. From the beginning, Simon remembers, the show was driven by “themes for major characters.” In particular, O’Connor notes “Prince Charming’s heroic theme and Snow White’s mysterious theme. So Mark set a lot of those up in the pilot, and then we were able to take them and run with them.”

Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Adds James Marsden (EXCLUSIVE) - according to Variety

Marsden can currently be seen as Teddy on HBO’s “Westworld,” which is in its second season and continues to be one of the cabler’s most popular shows. He is also active on the film front, having most recently appeared in Rob Reiner’s “Shock and Awe.”

Once Upon a Time just mocked its own complicated story lines - per Ew

“One of the consequences of the show having had such a long run — seven seasons and more than 150 episodes — is that our characters’ lives, and the stories we’ve told with them, have become, well, complicated,” says executive producer David H. Goodman, who penned Friday’s hour. “We talk about the show’s timeline in the writers’ room constantly. So as we closed out the series, it seemed like a good opportunity to poke some fun at ourselves and tip our hats to the audience. We’re incredibly thankful that they’ve come along with us for such a wild ride.”


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