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NCIS: New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans is American Drama TV series. Created by Gary Glasberg. Produced by Wings Productions. Stars: Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, Rob Kerkovich. Also known as NCIS: Nueva Orleans in Spain. It debuted on Sep 23, 2014, on CBS. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.8 *. Won the Seal of Authentic Representation. NCIS: New Orleans is filmed in Louisiana, USA.


How Many Seasons NCIS: New Orleans Has: 6 (139 episodes)

Season 7


Season 6

Season premieres on September 24, 2019

Returns: February 16, 2020

Finale: April 19, 2020

CBS, 20 episodes

Season 5

Season premieres on September 25, 2018

Finale: May 14, 2019

CBS, 24 episodes

Season 4

2017, CBS, 24 episodes

Season 3

2016, CBS, 24 episodes

Season 2

2015, CBS, 24 episodes

Season 1

2014, CBS, 23 episodes

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Music from NCIS: New Orleans

Series Music by Brian Kirk, Tree Adams

Tom Polce — composer: end title theme

Ron Finn — music editor

Kyle Lamy — music supervisor: NOLA

Miles Bergsma — musician: guitar

Greg Burns — composer: additional music

Jeff Burns — composer: additional music

James Brack — score mixer

Umlaut Audio — digital instrument design

Joey Massari — composer: additional music

Matt Hirt — composer: additional music

NCIS: New Orleans Episode Time

NCIS: New Orleans is on CBS (United States) Sundays at 10 pm

Last episode:

S6E20 () - Air Date: Apr 19, 2020 (8 months ago)

News & Interviews

'NCIS: New Orleans' Actors Allege CBS Orchestrated a "Guerilla-Style" Robbery Scene with No Safety Measures - Decider - according to Decider

TMZ reports that the two actors, as well as the owner of a New Orleans jewelry store, claim they were approached by NCIS producers in October 2017 about participating in a scene involving an armed robbery. The men allege that they agreed to participate in the shoot, which took place in a crowded shopping center, under the assumption that it would be a “traditional television shoot” operating with the necessary permits and safety protocols. However, they claim that that did not turn out to be the case, and they are suing CBS for failing to notify neighbors and local authorities about the fictional robbery.

Is 'NCIS: New Orleans' Getting Canceled? Ratings At All-Time Low For Midseason Premiere - Showbiz Cheat Sheet - by Cheatsheet

However, the NCIS spinoff received just 5.2 million viewers in the 18-49 age demographic and a 0.5 rating in the demo which is down 41 percent compared to the last new episode. The ratings mark a series low.

Why 'NCIS: New Orleans' Star CCH Pounder Says 'I'm Going to Die' at the Start of Every Season - Showbiz Cheat Sheet - per Cheatsheet

“Part of what drew me to setting a show down there is the contrast of people who work hard and have faced all kinds of adversity — whether it’s Katrina or socio-economic problems — but hold on to each other and rise up and celebrate regardless,” he said.

This NCIS: New Orleans scene could've ended in tragedy - Looper - by Looper

Instead, they allege CBS and the NCIS: New Orleans production had them perform a realistic "guerrilla-style" armed robbery in public without going through the proper channels with the city. The scene in question was a jewelry heist sequence in which the actors were asked to leap out of an unmarked van while wearing ski masks. Armed with fake yet realistic-looking assault rifles, their characters at one point shout, "This is a robbery!" 


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