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Mrs. Brown's Boys

Mrs. Brown's Boys is British Comedy TV series. Produced by BOC Productions. Stars: Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Dermot O'Neill. Also known as Mrs. Browni poisid in Estonia. It debuted on Feb 21, 2011, on BBC One. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.3 *. Won the BAFTA TV Award, BAFTA Scotland Award, IFTA Award, National Television Award, TRIC Award.


How Many Seasons In Mrs. Brown's Boys: 3 (18 episodes)

Season 4


Season 3

Season premieres on January 1, 2013

Finale: February 4, 2013

BBC One, 15 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on January 2, 2012

Finale: February 4, 2012

BBC One, 8 episodes

Season 1

2011, BBC One, 7 episodes

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Mrs. Brown's Boys is on BBC One (United Kingdom) Mondays at 6 pm

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S3E6 (Mammy Swings!) - Air Date: Feb 04, 2013 (7 years ago)

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Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas 2018, Episode 2 - Mammy's Motel - British Comedy Guide - by Comedy

More festive farce with the ribald Irish mammy. The cold weather has played havoc with Winnie's plumbing - steady now - so she and Sharon end up crashing in the Brown household. A chaotic place at the best of times, it becomes more volatile during a raucous birthday party for 10-year-olds.

Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas 2018, Episode 1 - Exotic Mammy - British Comedy Guide - via Comedy

It's the festive season once again in the Brown household, and Father Damian has organised a Christmas decoration contest to support the local football team. Agnes is keen to enter, especially as it might mean getting one over her old nemesis Hilliary Nicholson. But she is soon distracted, when Dermot and Buster give Agnes a "wifi assistant" and she has trouble figuring out what to do with it. Meanwhile, Cathy is up for a promotion at work and Dino and Rory give Buster a full make-over, so he can look the best for his internet date. It's bound to go well, as long as she looks like she does in her photo...


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