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Master of Arms

Master of Arms is American Reality TV series. It premiered on Nov 02, 2018, on Discovery Channel. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.3 *.


How Many Seasons Of Master of Arms Are Out: 1 (8 episodes)

Season 2

Discovery Channel

Season 1

Season premieres on November 2, 2018

Discovery Channel, 8 episodes

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Master of Arms is on Discovery Channel (United States) Fridays at 6 pm

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S1E8 (Blades of WWI) - Air Date: Dec 21, 2018 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

Branford man competes on 'Master of Arms' - The Union-Recorder - according to Unionrecorder

“For me, the most challenging part was to walk into a new workshop with tools, in some cases, that I had never seen before and have a very short period of time to build something that I had never seen before and do it with a video camera in your face.”

Guns Make a Come Back on Discovery's' New Show Master of Arms ~ VIDEO - via Ammoland

In each episode, blade, ballistic and bow weapons will be rigorously tested as well as judged on their design, historical accuracy, and abilities. With an elimination after each challenge, only one smith will walk away with the grand prize of $10,000 and be crowned the “Master of Arms.”

'Master of Arms' hopes to showcase the history and artistry in firearms craftsmanship - per Foxnews

“If anything I would hope to see that the people who aren’t super excited about firearms are going to see the artistry and the craftsmanship that goes into this. It’s something you see these guys putting their heart and soul into the work they’re doing to build a tool to help someone on the farm or help their family or even defend themselves if they have to .. .not necessarily the ones we’re building,” Stout, a certified firearms specialist and executive of one of the largest gunsmithing schools in the country told Fox News in a phone interview. “But there’s a lot of artistry that goes into this. So even if somebody is not into firearms atr all, they can appreciate the way we deliver it as an artistic craft as well.”

'Master of Arms' Contestants Take on Ax-Pistol Challenge in Exclusive Premiere Clip - by Popculture

“We’ll be judging the performance of your axe pistol on four criteria," Irving tells the nervous contestants. "Functionality of the pistol, cutting power of the axe, ease of weapons transition and damage inflicted on the targets.”


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