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MacGyver is American Drama TV series. Created by Lee David Zlotoff. Produced by 101st Street Television. Stars: Lucas Till, George Eads, Tristin Mays. It premiered on Sep 23, 2016, on CBS. The series has 5.2 * rating by IMDb. Winner of the BMI TV Music Award, SOCAN Award, Teen Choice Award. MacGyver is filmed in USA.


How Many Seasons In MacGyver: 3 (66 episodes)

Season 4


Season 3

Season premieres on September 28, 2018

Finale: May 10, 2019

CBS, 22 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on September 29, 2017

Finale: May 4, 2018

CBS, 23 episodes

Season 1

2016, CBS, 21 episodes

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MacGyver is on CBS (United States) Fridays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 3 Episode 22 () - Air Date: May 10, 2019 (4 months ago)

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Stunt coordinator seriously injured on the set of CBS' 'MacGyver' - according to Latimes

Sundquist sued CBS and multiple other defendants last year after suffering injuries on the set of another of the network’s reboots, “Hawaii Five-0.” He said he was struck by a moving car while on set, and accused the defendants of negligence. That case was eventually settled.

MacGyver season 3 episode 3 to be college episode - according to Cartermatt

As for why Bozer and the rest of the crew are at college, we don’t quite think that it’s all that hard to figure out. There’s probably some sort of crisis there that the Phoenix Foundation is going to have to assist with, and really the best way in which for them to do this is going undercover and seeing if there is a way for them to really hit the ground running. Still, we anticipate there being a lot of humor here — college can be a really fun time for people and we feel like some of these characters are going to probably relish this opportunity to don alter egos and do some stuff that they may not have had all that much of an opportunity to do in the past.

MacGyver Season 2 doubles up the Murdoc - according to Insidepulse

Joe Corey is the author of "The Seven Secrets of Great Walmart People Greeters." This is the last how to get a job book you'll ever need. He was Associate Producer of the documentary "Moving Midway." He's worked as local crew on several reality shows including Candid Camera, American's Most Wanted, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and ESPN's Gaters. He's been featured on The Today Show and CBS's 48 Hours. Dom DeLuise once said, "Joe, you look like an axe murderer." He was in charge of research and programming at the Moving Image Archive.

MacGyver season 3 premiere title revealed; filming starts soon - per Cartermatt

“Improvise” is written by executive producers Craig O’Neill and Peter M. Lenkov, which makes sense given that you want to kick off your premieres in a big way with some of the people in charge. The two also wrote the season 2 premiere alongside David Slack.


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