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Love By Chance

It premiered on Aug 03, 2018, on LINE TV. IMDb's user rating for the series is 8.6 *.


How Many Seasons Of Love By Chance Are There: 1 (14 episodes)

Season 2


Season 1

Season premieres on August 3, 2018

Finale: November 9, 2018

LINE TV, 14 episodes

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Love By Chance is on LINE TV (Thailand) Fridays at 6 pm

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S1E14 (Episode 14) - Air Date: Nov 09, 2018 (8 months ago)

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Red carpet moments from the Love By Chance movie premier - Zalebs - by Zalebs

Atandwa and actress Altovise Lawrence will play a pair of South African actors who separately go to The States in pursuit of the dream and end up meeting each other for the first time in Hollywood. They then decide to give love a try while navigating the usual challenges. 

'Love By Chance': Hallmark Movie Photos & Review - - per Heavy

The movie “Love By Chance” is by far one of the most unoriginal movies that has been made on Hallmark. Granted Hallmark is known for its sappy storylines and sweet endings yet this movie does not spark anything unique about it. In fact I would consider it far too similar to the 2007 movie “Because I Said So”. In both movies, there is a mom who interferes in the love life of her daughter. In both movies, the daughter is a chef whose passion is making food. In both movies, the daughter is tired of her mother being involved in her love life. It even goes so far as to have a similar restaurant scene in which the mom, who has created a dating profile on behalf of her daughter, meets with a man to discuss the possibility of dating her daughter. Then another man, the one the daughter ultimately will end up with, overhears the discussion and comments on it. While there are differences in the movies from there as for example in “Because I Said So” two men are vying for her affections while in “Love By Chance” there is only one, it is not by chance that these movies are similar in nature. It is really disappointing that not only Hallmark could not be more creative when creating a script for the movie, but also that they went so far as to take ideas that have already been used. Someone should have caught this similarity when creating this movie. What is a real shame is that Hallmark has produced some quality movies in the past and now have stooped so low to produce this.

Kavi Shastri returns to TV, hosts Love By Chance - Daily News & Analysis - by Dnaindia

Now, four years after his debut, Kavi is returning in a new avatar - as the host of Love By Chance, a romcom inspired by real love stories with an underlying theme of serendipity. "I believe that love happens by chance. That's how I met my wife Sherryl too. I was at Bandra's Mount Mary Church and wasn't looking for love. But when I bumped into her, I was struck," says Kavi who is a romantic at heart. On the show too, he will not only be the narrator but an integral part of the stories. "I will be travelling with the protagonists and you will see the story through my eyes and yes the humour quotient makes it more appealing," he explains.


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