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Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is British Documentary TV series. It premiered on Nov 09, 2003, on BBC Two.


How Many Seasons Of Louis Theroux Are Out: 10 (30 episodes)

Season 2018


Season 2017

Season premieres on October 29, 2017

BBC Two, 2 episodes

Season 2016

Season premieres on April 24, 2016

Returns: October 2, 2016

BBC Two, 3 episodes

Season 2015

2015, BBC Two, 3 episodes

Season 2012

2012, BBC Two, 3 episodes

Season 2011

2011, BBC Two, 5 episodes

Season 2010

2010, BBC Two, 2 episodes

Season 2009

2009, BBC Two, 2 episodes

Season 2008

2008, BBC Two, 4 episodes

Season 2007

2007, BBC Two, 3 episodes

Season 2003

2003, BBC Two, 3 episodes

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Louis Theroux is on BBC Two (United Kingdom) s at 6 pm

Last episode:

S2017E2 (My Scientology Movie) - Air Date: Nov 05, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

New trailer for Louis Theroux's Altered States brings the emotion - - by Joe

"For this series we looked at the new ways Americans are approaching some of humanity’s oldest dilemmas: pregnant mums who feel unequipped to keep their babies and so pick new parents for them; the world of polyamory aka 'ethical non-monogamy'; and people with debilitating conditions who opt to hasten their own deaths."

Louis Theroux has some interesting interviews in mind for new series - - according to Buzz

In a recent interview with the Radio Times, Theroux revealed he's looking into revisiting the 'When Louis met...' series and he's got some interesting, and suitably controversial, interviewees in mind.

Louis Theroux's new documentary series will 100% make you cry - Shortlist - per Shortlist

“Viewer discretion is advised,” he said. “If you have six months or less to live and feel like you don’t want to drag it out, you can take a cocktail of drugs and end your own life. We filmed a guy who does that.” Asked if they filmed him at the point of death, Theroux replies, “Ah, yes.” As well as people prescribed these cocktails, they also followed a group who assist people who aren’t terminal, thus don’t come under that law, but are in such a lot of pain that they want to end their lives. 

Louis Theroux is returning with 3 new documentaries - Business Insider - via Businessinsider

He embeds himself within an Appalachian community devastated by widespread heroin use, following the emergency services as they respond to multiple overdose call-outs and meeting members of the community.


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