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Inside Amy Schumer is American Comedy TV series. Created by Daniel Powell. Produced by Irony Point. Stars: Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Kyle Dunnigan. Also known as Amynek áll a világ in Hungary. It premiered on Apr 30, 2013, on Comedy Central. The series has 6.0 * rating by IMDb. Won the Primetime Emmy, Eddie, Critics' Choice TV Award, Gold Derby TV Award, OFTA Television Award.


How Many Seasons Of Inside Amy Schumer Were Made: 4 (39 episodes)

Season 5

Comedy Central

Season 4

Season premieres on April 21, 2016

Finale: June 16, 2016

Comedy Central, 9 episodes

Season 3

Season premieres on April 21, 2015

Finale: July 7, 2015

Comedy Central, 10 episodes

Season 2

2014, Comedy Central, 10 episodes

Season 1

2013, Comedy Central, 10 episodes

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Inside Amy Schumer is on Comedy Central (United States) Thursdays at 10 pm

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Season 4 Episode 9 (Rubbing Our Clips) - Air Date: Jun 16, 2016 (4 years ago)

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Best of 2014: Inside Amy Schumer's military rape sketch - Entertainment Weekly - per Ew

Still, its origin story isn’t so different from most of the bits on Schumer. “It is really weird to be serious when I talk about writing sketches. There’s no way to do it without sounding like I’m breezing down a hallway on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, acting like empires will rise and fall based on my 5 pages,” Nangle explains via email. “I guess that’s just a caveat there—it’s just a sketch, and I get that. I just happen to be thinking about a serious issue at the time I came up with it. If I was thinking about rat kings, I would have written some dumb sketch about rat kings sharing an apartment or something. “

Inside Amy Schumer: "I'm So Bad" :: Comedy :: Reviews :: Inside Amy Schumer :: Paste - Paste Magazine - according to Pastemagazine

Even outside the game, Schumer’s boyfriend admonishes her for what happened. “That’s never happened to me. You must have pressed the wrong button.” And that sums up the theme Schumer keeps trying to hit home, illustrating the ways women are consistently told (by society, the media, their own friends) how to be happy and popular, and that if we’re still not either of those things, then it must be our own fault.

Inside Amy Schumer: "Three Buttholes" :: Comedy :: Reviews :: Inside Amy Schumer - Paste Magazine - per Pastemagazine

It’s in the last five minutes that Schumer makes the season finale special. In lieu of an “Amy Goes Deep” interview, she cedes the floor to her friend and fellow stand-up comic Bridgett Everett who sings a bawdy song called “Put Your Dick Away.” And instead of bloopers, the episode ends with a heartfelt speech from Schumer to her team on the last day of filming.

Inside Amy Schumer: "Tyler Perry's Episode 208" :: Comedy :: Reviews :: Inside Amy Schumer :: Paste - Paste Magazine - per Pastemagazine

I may not be the best person to judge “The Nurses,” since I have several nurses in my family and have seen many who truly are unsung heroes. But I can still appreciate the humor in going after the antagonistic relationship between nurses and doctors, as well as the sometimes brusk treatment patients can get from office nurses when going in for an appointment. (“Step on the scale, please!”) For me, the biggest laughs came from the coworker dynamics that can apply to any job, here specifically in Schumer asking everyone to chip in $3 toward a birthday cookie cake, despite one nurse’s protest that she’s not going to eat any of it. Again, not necessarily the snappiest sketch overall, but it still has those couple of moments that push it toward the plus column.


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