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Infini-T Force

Infini-T Force is Japanese Action TV series. Produced by Tatsunoko Production. It first aired on Sep 26, 2017, on Hulu Japan. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.5 *.


How Many Seasons Of Infini-T Force: 1 (12 episodes)

Season 2

Hulu Japan

Season 1

Season premieres on September 26, 2017

Hulu Japan, 12 episodes

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What Time Is Infini-T Force On?

Infini-T Force is on Hulu Japan (Japan) Tuesdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S1E12 (I'll Find...) - Air Date: Dec 19, 2017 (about a year ago)

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'Infini-T Force' Episode 6 Spoilers: Damian Gray Returns - Christian Post - per Christianpost

But that's where the similarity ended. For while Kaan was gradually consumed by hatred for his father for turning him into an abomination, Tetsuya has already made his peace with the fact that it was a necessary sacrifice that he, himself, has decided to undertake.

Infini-T Force Unites Tatsunoko Heroes - Den of Geek US - via Denofgeek

Living in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district, Emi Kaido is the envy of almost every high schooler in Japan. She has startling wealth, a luxurious modern apartment, and no parents in sight. But beneath it all lies a tangle of apathy and loneliness. Emi is parentless and is looking for diversion in all the wrong—and dangerous—places. And it’s the choices Emi makes that teaches her that life can change in an instant. Her penchant for peril drags her into yet another life-and-death situation, this time involving an enigmatic object known as the “Case” and four mysterious heroes. What ensues is an all-out battle between good and evil, and a story of self-realization. The future of humanity and the world lies in Emi’s hands.

Infini-T Force - per Nanoda

Ma mentre stanno conversando del da farsi ad un bar, l’auto della polizia col criminale appena arrestato esplode e qualcuno fornisce al malfattore una droga che lo trasforma in un mostro. Ken trasformatosi nel Falco di Gatchman, neutralizza il possente mostro con le sue tecniche micidiali, ma una misteriosa ombra sta monitorando la scena dall’alto di un palazzo. Chi sarà mai? Un nuovo nemico oppure un potente alleato?

Infini-T Force mostra novos personagens em trailer - according to Otakupt

A história do manga original começa quando uma menia chamada Emi usa um lápis que pode conceder qualquer desejo. Emi presencia o roubo de uma loja de conveniência, e a sua vida está em perigo. Ela usa o lápis para desejar um “herói que vai salvar todos”. Quatro heróis aparecem em resposta ao desejo de Emi para mudar o curso do futuro.


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