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Hunting Season

Created by Jon Marcus. Produced by The Story Department. Stars: Ben Baur, Marc Sinoway, Jake Manabat. Also known as Сезон охоты in Russia. It first aired on Sep 12, 2012, on Vimeo. The series has 6.7 * rating by IMDb. Won the ISA, Outstanding Achievement Award. Hunting Season is set in USA.


How Many Seasons Of Hunting Season Have There Been: 2 (12 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on May 5, 2015

Vimeo, 4 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on September 12, 2012

Finale: October 17, 2012

Vimeo, 8 episodes

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Hunting Season is on Vimeo (USA) Tuesdays at 6 pm

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Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 4) - Air Date: May 26, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Hunting Season means hunter safety - by Leesvilledailyleader

The only members of this group that are exempt from taking the course are members of the military or police who complete a Hunter’s Safety Exemption application and receive an identification card denoting such.

2018 Deer Archery Hunting Season Opens Sept. 22 - per Chattanoogan

Hunters are reminded that they must possess the appropriate licenses and permits. Any hunter born on or after Jan. 1, 1969 is required to carry proof of satisfactory completion of a hunter education class or be in possession of the Apprentice Hunting License (along with other required licenses), while hunting any species in Tennessee.

Casting: Brent Spiner to recur on Supergirl; Jamie-Lynn Sigler scares up horror film gig - per Syfy

Midnight, Texas is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, author of the literary saga behind the HBO show True Blood. Midnight is a haven for anyone and everyone looking to hide from the outside world. So, witches. It’s a haven for witches.

What to Know About Upcoming Deer Hunting Season in Franklin - via Tapinto

“(That would) both protect these forests and protect motorists from the deer coming out of the forests,” Chase said. “If they are coming right out of the forest at least you have a little more warning that they are there. We can’t have enough recreational hunting to put a dent in the deer population.”


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