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Heir Hunters

Heir Hunters is British Documentary TV series. Produced by Mint Productions. Stars: Nadia Sawalha, Lisa Faulkner, David Pacifico. Also known as Heir Hunters in UK. It debuted on Jun 04, 2007, on BBC One. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.8 *.


How Many Seasons Of Heir Hunters Have There Been: 12 (251 episodes)

Season 13


Season 12

Season premieres on April 16, 2018

Returns: July 16, 2018

Finale: July 27, 2018

BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 11

Season premieres on February 27, 2017

Returns: August 14, 2017

Finale: August 25, 2017

BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 10

2016, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 9

2015, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 8

2014, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 7

2013, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 6

2012, BBC One, 25 episodes

Season 5

2011, BBC One, 25 episodes

Season 4

2010, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 3

2009, BBC One, 25 episodes

Season 2

2008, BBC One, 21 episodes

Season 1

2007, BBC One, 15 episodes

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What Time Does Heir Hunters Come On Tonight

Heir Hunters is on BBC One (United Kingdom) Mondays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S12E20 (Episode 20) - Air Date: Jul 27, 2018 (7 months ago)

News & Interviews

Heir Hunters, Series 5, Jones/Rose - BBC News - via Bbc

The team also look at the estate of musician Timothy Rose, widely acknowledged as one of the nearly men of the 1960s/70s music scene. He's best known for his unique arrangement of the blues song Hey Joe, which was later covered by Jimi Hendrix. Will the heir hunters find any living relatives?

Norfolk woman to feature on BBC Heir Hunters | What's on and things to do in Norfolk - Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - via Edp24

Heir Hunters firm Finders International tracks down Jacqueline Riordan after Christopher Cole's death - Kent Online - via Kentonline

BBC warns of Heir Hunters email scams circulating - Naked Security - via Nakedsecurity

Heir Hunters exposes family secret hidden for 60 years - Motherwell Times - via Motherwelltimes

Philip Turvey wins defamation settlement against Daniel Curran of Heir Hunters - The Guardian - via Theguardian

The two men are well known in their field, which can be fiercely competitive. There are small fortunes to be made from heir hunting. In exchange for helping connect people with their unexpected legacies, probate detectives charge a commission: typically 10% but can be as high as 40%.

Heir Hunters expert loses out to WWII veteran's daughter in battle over Ukrainian soldier's home - WalesOnline - via Walesonline

Northamptonshire woman to feature in BBC Heir Hunters after inheriting cousin's estate - Northampton Chronicle and Echo - via Northamptonchron


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