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Harukana Receive

Harukana Receive is Japanese Anime TV series. Produced by C2C. It debuted on Jul 06, 2018, on AT-X. The series has 6.0 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Of Harukana Receive: 1 (12 episodes)

Season 2


Season 1

Season premieres on July 6, 2018

AT-X, 12 episodes

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Harukana Receive is on AT-X (Japan) Fridays at 6 pm

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S1E12 (So We Choose The Irreplaceable One) - Air Date: Sep 21, 2018 (11 months ago)

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Harukana Receive Reveals Third Pair Visual with Naruaya Duo - MANGA.TOKYO - according to Manga

The series will be based on a manga by Nyoijzai and will start airing in Japan in July 2018. The story revolves around Haruka, who moves to Okinawa from Tokyo during her second year of high school. She is cheerful and positive but is always sad about being taller than other girls. Her cousin Kanata, on the other hand, would love to be as tall as her, because she had to stop playing her beloved beach volleyball since she stopped growing too early. Still, the uneven pair ends up forming a beach volleyball team.

Episode 9 - Harukana Receive - Anime News Network - according to Animenewsnetwork

Still, Akari takes a negative situation as an opportunity to show the girls how important they are to her by gifting them the scrunchies we see in the opening. I can't believe it took this long to hear the story behind those! Akari is so afraid of the team breaking up, no matter how small the risk, because it's taken her so long to open herself up to new people. Child stardom isolated her for such a long time. Just like the Okinawan love pattern Haruka sewed onto their bikini tops, Akari has sewn a message into the scrunchies: the sea hibiscus flowers signify “beautiful memories.” Like the rest of the show, that character development has occurred rapidly. Akari has grown into a manager who is more capable than she is coy.

English Dub Season Review: Harukana Receive - Bubbleblabber - per Bubbleblabber

At its heart, Harukana Receive is a story about friendship. Sure, the girls are all in a sports club together, and there’s plenty of volleyball action that takes place, but at the end of the day, friendship is more important than winning to the teammates of the beach volleyball club. Even coming on to review the show about halfway through its run, the bond between the girls was still clearly visible. The plot of the show was fairly generic stuff, but there was a lot of actual volleyball playing that happened, which some fans will probably enjoy.

The Summer 2018 Anime Preview Guide - Harukana Receive - Anime News Network - according to Animenewsnetwork

That's about all of the enthusiasm that I can muster for this series. While volleyball may be more competitive than badminton, and while the beach volleyball variant may have a certain strategic element that makes it more dramatic, it's still not a sport that I find entertaining to watch. This series' first episode certainly tries to promote the drama of the way that the match plays out, but it isn't anywhere near enough to overcome my resistance. I actually felt that it was dragging even though there weren't really any unnecessary shots. Frankly, I'm not sure if the direction could have even done much more to improve on this story.


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