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HaKokhav HaBa

Produced by Teddy Productions. Stars: Assi Azar, Rita, Rani Rahav. Also known as Rising Star in World-wide. It first aired on Sep 17, 2013, on Channel 2. IMDb's user rating for the series is 4.8 *. Winner of the Award of the Israeli Television Academy. HaKokhav HaBa is set in Israel.


How Many Seasons Of HaKokhav HaBa Are There Total: 6 (80 episodes)

Season 7

Channel 2

Season 6

Season premieres on November 24, 2018

Channel 2, 36 episodes

Season 5

Season premieres on October 29, 2017

Channel 2, 32 episodes

Season 4

2017, Channel 2, 9 episodes

Season 3

2015, Channel 2, 2 episodes

Season 2

2014, Channel 2, 3 episodes

Season 1

2013, Channel 2, 24 episodes

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HaKokhav HaBa TV Series Schedule

HaKokhav HaBa is on Channel 2 (Israel) Mondays at 9 pm

Last episode:

Season 6 Episode 36 (Final) - Air Date: Feb 12, 2019 (10 months ago)

News & Interviews

Kobi Marimi Wins HaKokhav HaBa L'Eurovizion And Will Represent Home Country Israel At Eurovision 2019 - CelebMix - via Celebmix

He auditioned on the show with Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams”, and he continued to impress all the way up until the final, where he sang Bon Jovi’s “Always” and The Beatles “Let It Be”, but it certainly wasn’t an easy ride for him. This is because he was actually eliminated during Heat 4 which took place before the Semi-Finals, luckily there was a wildcard round which saw him return to the competition in a duel-like fashion.

Twelve acts remain in Israeli talent show HaKokhav HaBa - Escdaily - via Escdaily

The judging panel, consisting of Harel Skaat (ESC 2010), Keren Peles, Assaf Amdursky and the duo Static & Ben El Tavori gave their thumbs up, or down. But the voting percentage by the public was decisive.


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