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Found is American Documentary TV series. Produced by Committee Films. Stars: Michael Arbuthnot, Lily Ball, Dale Simpson Jr.. It first aired on Oct 13, 2016, on History. The series has 9.3 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Of Found Are There: 1 (3 episodes)

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Season 1

Season premieres on October 13, 2016

History, 3 episodes

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Found is on History (United States) Mondays at 6 pm

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Season 1 Episode 3 (Outlaws and Aliens) - Air Date: Aug 07, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

'A Christmas Story' at 35: How the Comedy Found Its Place in Holiday History - via Variety

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is celebrating the anniversary on Dec. 10 with screening and a panel discussion featuring Billingsley and members of the production team at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Science meets history: 'Lost and Found Colonies' exhibit shows how new technology sheds light on the past - via Reflector

Maritime mystery: Captain Cook's ship appears to have been found - via News

Additional Mac App Store apps caught stealing and uploading browser history - via 9to5mac

History Unearthed: Former Northwood Restaurant Menu Found in Floor - via Kaaltv

A Trailblazing American History Professor is Found and then Lost - via Diverseeducation

She respected me as an elder and friend. And I gave her props for what she was still becoming. She was a person who did the hard work, uncovered the history, and got it done so that the entire Filipino community could command the respect it deserved. We were seen because of Mabalon. We promised to catch up in California if we didn’t see each other during the conference. And then we gave each other a big hug. For the last time.

Earliest Known Drawing Found: Is It the First Hashtag? - via History

The Origin Of Life: Scientists Found Some Of The Oldest Evidence Of Life On Earth In South Africa - via Newsweek

Sarcophagus Found. Contents Unknown. ('No Guessing, Please.') - via Historynewsnetwork

Name List of Sunken 'Beeswax' Ship Found in Seville, Spain - via Telesurtv

He says there were 231 people on board at the time the vessel went down. "About 170 of the men on board were Spaniards, including nobles, military men, and clerics, as well as common seamen. About 64 crew members were Hispanic-Filipino, Chinese, Malaysian and possibly Japanese and African."

In Pulwama, Narendra Modi Has Found the Trigger He Needed Before 2019 Elections - The Wire - via Thewire

Hornet World War II Shipwreck Found In The South Pacific - NPR - via Npr

Young Neanderthal Footprint Found in Gibraltar is Only the Second Example in the World - Ancient Origins - via Ancient-origins

Rare Viking Ship Burial Found in Norway | Smart News - - via Smithsonianmag

The Democratic Vision of a Lost and Found Early-Twentieth-Century Portrait Photographer - The New Yorker - via Newyorker


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