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Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich is New Zealand Drama TV series. Created by Gavin Strawhan. Produced by Filthy Productions. Stars: Miriama Smith, Emma Fenton, Taylor Hall. It premiered on Feb 15, 2016, on TVNZ 2. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.1 *. Filthy Rich is filmed in New Zealand.


How Many Seasons Does Filthy Rich Have: 2 (33 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on July 11, 2017

Returns: January 17, 1983

Finale: October 3, 2017

TVNZ 2, 13 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on February 15, 2016

Finale: April 19, 2016

TVNZ 2, 20 episodes

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Filthy Rich is on TVNZ 2 (New Zealand) Tuesdays at 8 pm

Last episode:

S2E13 (Episode 13) - Air Date: Oct 03, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

The Carnival of Homelessness: How the Filthy Rich React - via Dissidentvoice

Feudalism and tribalism may have made their official exit in the historical textbooks, but we still find stirrings of old custom in the media industry. The poor are there to be mocked; the vulnerable are there to be, in some form, exploited. Gone is the exaggerated chivalric code, as meagre as it was (keeping people in place), and the presumption of charity. In its place is the clawing, scraping urge of the media moguls and networks keen to capitalise upon a condition, a disability, a drawback. Poverty is visual and lucrative for all — except the impoverished.

Filthy Rich and Homeless: can empathy alone really change how we view disadvantage? - via Theguardian

'My major concern was honestly how I was going to relieve myself': Cameron Daddo reveals what it was like spending ... - via Dailymail

Cameron Daddo's 'violent' night - via Thechronicle

Matthew Talbot Hostel, Woolloomooloo - St Vincent de Paul Society - Good Works - via Vinnies

Critics' Choice: Bite Club, Filthy Rich and Homeless, The Split, Motive - via Smh

Nicola Walker (River, Last Tango in Halifax) sporting a sleek blonde bob forces a double take but she's just as stealthily captivating as corporate divorce lawyer, Hannah Sterne, as in her more rugged roles. As her domineering mother and boss, veteran British actress Deborah Findlay is coquettish steel. This is an intriguing study of love, loss and family from both professional and personal perspectives.

In conversation with Indira Naidoo about 'Filthy Rich, & Homeless' - via Sbs

'Socialite' Skye Leckie reveals the worst part of doing Filthy Rich and Homeless - via Afr

Filthy Rich & Homeless returning to SBS this August - via Mediaweek

Filthy Rich: The Power Plays of Succession - via Theatlantic

Armstrong’s unproduced 2010 screenplay, Murdoch, might stoke suspicion about which media dynasty Succession is inspired by. But Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the octogenarian founder of Waystar Royco (the fifth-largest media conglomerate in the world), is more a stand-in for every aging mogul facing the waning of his own power, and the worth of the legacy he’ll leave behind. In the pilot episode, directed by Adam McKay (The Big Short, Anchorman), Logan is contemplating passing the reins of his company to his son Kendall (Jeremy Strong), a recovering addict who’s itching to prove himself. The rest of Logan’s descendants include Connor (Alan Ruck), the oldest, who mostly removes himself from the family business; Roman (Kieran Culkin), a hard-partying peacock; and Siobhan (Sarah Snook), a political operative with sharp elbows whose nickname, fittingly, is “Shiv.”

Filthy Rich TV show inspired by Ponytailgate - - via Stuff

Alli Simpson's horrific homeless experience while featuring in documentary Filthy Rich and Homeless - Daily Mail - via Dailymail

World's Top Filthy Rich Billionaires Who Are Now Broke - News18 - via News18

From Close to Home to Filthy Rich - A short history of NZ TV soaps - - via Stuff

TVNZ's new multi-million drama Filthy Rich: life among the one percent - - via Stuff


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