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Fat Guys in the Woods

Fat Guys in the Woods is American Reality TV series. Produced by The Weather Channel. Stars: Creek Stewart, Jacob Perry, Dan Acosta. It first aired on Aug 10, 2014, on The Weather Channel. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.6 *.


How Many Seasons In Fat Guys in the Woods: 2 (16 episodes)

Season 3

The Weather Channel

Season 2

Season premieres on June 7, 2015

The Weather Channel, 9 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on August 10, 2014

The Weather Channel, 8 episodes

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What Time Is Fat Guys in the Woods On?

Fat Guys in the Woods is on The Weather Channel (United States) Sundays at 10 pm

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Season 2 Episode 8 (One-Armed Survival) - Air Date: Jul 26, 2015 (4 years ago)

News & Interviews

'Fat Guys in the Woods' Is an Actual Show Coming to the Weather Channel - Mashable - via Mashable

Survival expert Creek Stewart will lift three sedentary males out of their couch indentations and plop them into the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee for one week, during which they will battle "frigid and unpredictable weather" (that's the part that makes the show on-brand apparently) and learn how to survive with "little or no mass-made camping tools," according to a release from the network. They have ordered eight episodes.

'Fat Guys in the Woods' feels like a teachable moment missed - Los Angeles Times - via Latimes

It may simply be a matter of too much information for a single episode — "Fat Guys in the Woods" might have done better to stretch each group's experience out over several hours — and perhaps, by the end of the season, all my questions will be answered.

Lancaster man survives a week in the desert in "Fat Guys in the Woods" - LancasterOnline - via Lancasteronline

Taraborelli’s desert challenge was much more primitive. You can see exactly what happened (and why he got the nickname “Prickly Pete”) on the June 7 premier of the second season of “Fat Guys in the Woods.”

Warroad resident featured in 'Fat Guys in the Woods' - Bemidji Pioneer - per Bemidjipioneer

Stephen Symes of Warroad will be featured in a new episode of "Fat Guys in the Woods" airing at 9 p.m. July 5 on the Weather Channel. In every episode of "Fat Guys in the Woods," survival expert Creek Stewart brings three average Joes back to the woods to survive for a week with only one objective: to teach them the skills to survive. Together they will learn the art and science of outdoor survival while battling the threats of Mother Nature. During the episode, Symes, along with Jeff Bannister and Timm Metivier, brave northern Michigan temperatures like old-world trappers of Drummond Island's past. The trio makes a canvas shelter with a raised bough bed platform to keep them off the frozen ground. For the fire, Creek challenges them start it using only a single "mega match" made up of birchbark and balsam fir sap as the accelerants. When their hunting plans fail, the starving group resorts to eating tree bark, pine needles and squirrel.


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