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Fast N' Loud

Fast N' Loud is American Reality TV series. Produced by Coolfire Originals. Stars: Richard Rawlings, Aaron Kaufmann, Christie Brimberry. Also known as Fast N' Loud in Spain. It premiered on Jun 06, 2012, on Discovery Channel. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.6 *.


Fast N' Loud Number Of Seasons: 14 (120 episodes)

Season 15

Discovery Channel

Season 14

Season premieres on March 12, 2018

Discovery Channel, 10 episodes

Season 13

Season premieres on October 16, 2017

Discovery Channel, 6 episodes

Season 12

2017, Discovery Channel, 10 episodes

Season 11

2016, Discovery Channel, 11 episodes

Season 10

2015, Discovery Channel, 8 episodes

Season 9

2015, Discovery Channel, 7 episodes

Season 8

2015, Discovery Channel, 6 episodes

Season 7

2014, Discovery Channel, 8 episodes

Season 6

2014, Discovery Channel, 6 episodes

Season 5

2014, Discovery Channel, 8 episodes

Season 4

2013, Discovery Channel, 13 episodes

Season 3

2013, Discovery Channel, 8 episodes

Season 2

2013, Discovery Channel, 7 episodes

Season 1

2012, Discovery Channel, 12 episodes

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What Time Does Fast N' Loud Start

Fast N' Loud is on Discovery Channel (United States) Mondays at 8 pm

Last episode:

S14E10 (Back Of The Track) - Air Date: May 14, 2018 (10 months ago)

News & Interviews

'Fast N' Loud' Star Aaron Kaufman Plays in the Dirt on 'Shifting Gears' Season 2 Teaser (Exclusive) - via Thewrap

“Shifting Gears” is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group, with Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder serving as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman and Todd Lefkowitz are executive producers with Brian Peterson serving as producer. Kaufman also earns an executive producer credit for his efforts.

Discovery to Re-Air Burt Reynolds 'Fast N' Loud' as Tribute to Late Muscle Car Lover (Exclusive) - via Thewrap

Discovery Honors the 'Fast N' Loud' Side of Burt Reynolds - via Tvweek


Fast N' Loud: 15 Facts About Dennis Collins' Car Collection - via Hotcars

Fast N' Loud Host Richard Rawlings Crashes A Hellcat At Roadkill Nights - via Fcauthority

The YouTube video above from Boosted Scat Pack shows the incident. Following the chronology of events, Rawlings was first to perform a burnout to warm the rear tires, followed by Pritchett, whose burnout was undeniably more impressive. Perhaps out of pride, Rawlings then did a second, much longer burnout, and even appeared to keep the wheels spinning as both cars were staged and ready to launch. As soon as the race got underway, Pritchett modulated the throttle to keep her wheelspin in check, while Rawlings… didn’t.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Proves Too Much To Handle At A Drag Race - via Carscoops

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Fast N' Loud: New Episodes of Gas Monkey Garage Series Coming to Discovery - via Tvseriesfinale

Fast N' Loud Is Turning Up The Torque With All-New Episodes Returning To Discovery Channel On Monday, March 12th - via Webwire

This season, Richard and the Monkeys are tuning into a whole new groove at Gas Monkey Garage with bigger builds and higher horsepower. Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings travels the back roads, searching barns, garages and open fields for that one rare ride to restore. Once the deal is sealed, it’s back to Gas Monkey Garage where Richard and his team work to turn the cars into gold. The new season takes Richard and the Monkeys into unfamiliar territory as they attempt to break new ground in the build space, risking their reputation in the process. Also, throughout the season, guest builder Big Mike works with the Monkeys to build custom hot rods.

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