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Fake or Fortune?

Fake or Fortune? is British Documentary TV series. Produced by BBC Productions. Stars: Bendor Grosvenor, Fiona Bruce, Philip Mould. Also known as Taidetutkimukset in Finland. It premiered on Jun 19, 2011, on BBC One. IMDb's user rating for the series is 8.6 *.


How Many Seasons Of Fake or Fortune? Are There Total: 8 (32 episodes)

Season 9


Season 8

Season premieres on July 25, 2019

BBC One, 4 episodes

Season 7

Season premieres on August 12, 2018

Finale: September 9, 2018

BBC One, 5 episodes

Season 6

2017, BBC One, 4 episodes

Season 5

2016, BBC One, 4 episodes

Season 4

2015, BBC One, 4 episodes

Season 3

2014, BBC One, 4 episodes

Season 2

2012, BBC One, 3 episodes

Season 1

2011, BBC One, 4 episodes

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Fake or Fortune? TV Series Schedule

Fake or Fortune? is on BBC One (United Kingdom) Thursdays at 6 pm

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Season 8 Episode 4 () - Air Date: Aug 15, 2019 (10 days ago)

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One - Fake or Fortune?, Series 1, Van Meegeren - BBC News - by Bbc

But a mystery remains to this day, as Van Meegeren died before a complete record of his fakes was made. How did he pull off faking Old Master paintings, duping important art galleries in to making purchases of works apparently by Vermeer, even foxing Goering in to buying one of his works during the war?

Fake or Fortune? BBC One, review - - per Telegraph

It was now, however, surely only a matter of time before the combined forces of Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould – presenters of this series, in which they crusade for the correct identification of priceless masterpieces – browbeat the Wildensteins into submission and secured the happy ending. The two of them whisked Mr Joel away on a trip to garner all the evidence required by the institute. They traced the dealer’s stamps on the back to an illustrious gallery in Cairo and proved that the work had existed in Monet’s time, one of the key criteria for getting it accepted. Mr Mould, himself an eminent authority on the old masters, was “absolutely convinced” it was a Monet. Other leading experts agreed. Powerful cameras were used to examine the distinctive brush strokes and the signature. This was part art appreciation, part sleuthing exercise, and all of it was swimming along nicely to the shot at the end when Mr Joel would be told his painting had been accepted as genuine and a grateful tear, perhaps, would drip down his cheek.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts set to appear in the new series of the Fake or Fortune? television show - Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - via Edp24

“She was a well-regarded artist in her own right and also had a very good relationship with other artists. “Francis Bacon painted her and we have a series of studies of her by him, and we also have a bust of Isabel Rawsthorne by Giacometti here too.

Henry Moore sketch found among Gurlitt hoard of Nazi-looted art - via Theguardian

Gurlitt inherited the works from his father, Hildebrand Gurlitt, who amassed his personal collection while operating as an art dealer for the Nazis, including buying art for Adolf Hitler. Many works in his collection were seized from museums and collectors when the artists were condemned by the Nazis as “degenerate”.


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