Younger Season 6 Episode 1

S6E1 Big Day

Big Day (S6E1) is the First episode of season Six of "Younger" released on Wednesday June 12, 2019 on TV Land (5 months ago).

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I seriously watched the whole season in one day. Great show tho That boss is typical of the successful-women-are-sour trope. I know twenty-somethings who are quiet and don't understand the internet, and forty-somethings who party constantly and run their own websites. There are so many problems with this show.

Episode Recap

Younger makes it clear that it’s attempting to do work in service of feminism, at least in some ways; the characters discuss their passion for building a company entirely run by women. However, this pro-feminism work came across at times as didactic and clunky. In one scene between Kelsey, Liza, and another employee, the writer’s purpose is clearly to teach the reader the term “glass cliff.” This educational goal is ill-hidden through the dialog, which sounds unnatural and canned, almost like an infomercial. Learning about the glass cliff, along with a poorly written scene in which her love interest informs her that Diana, the office nemesis, is considering leaving the company, puts Kelsey in fear. Because Diana has stopped coming to work while she decides whether <...> - by FilmBook [Leah Singerman]


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