Yellowstone Season 1 Episode 3

S1E3 No Good Horses

Air Date: Wednesday Jul 11, 2018 on Paramount Network.

Source: YouTube (free)

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Episode Recap

It’s unbelievable that a mother could blame their child for an accident, that a parent’s depth of compassion could be that shallow. Because of that character deficiency in Evelyn Dutton, it made the scene, Evelyn, and that moment in time far better than they would have been if Evelyn’s personality had been constructed in any other way. Evelyn Dutton’s taunts and final words did immense damage to Beth. The shame of believing that she had been weak and that this weakness led to her mother’s death hardens Beth, eventually turning her into the tough, independent, self-reliant woman that her mother always wanted her to be. The unrelenting side-effects, however, are: a nihilistic view of life, deleterious boldness (the nudity), fearlessness (starting a fight with a <...> - by FilmBook [Rollo Tomasi]


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