The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 14

S3E14 No More Mr. Noishe Guy

No More Mr. Noishe Guy (S3E14) is the Fourteenth episode of season Three of "The Mindy Project" released on Tuesday February 03, 2015 on Hulu (5 years ago).

Directed by Michael Weaver.

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TV is blessed with a ton of good comedies these days - the Mindy Project might not be the most stellar one, but it's definitely got heart, a selection of hilarious characters, and a very relatable, awesome female lead who absolutely carries the show. If I had to watch one TV show in 2014, this would be it! I totally identify with Mindy in this show however, I'm a chick in my early 30's so that could be why. There were other funny moments in the show as well. But, the hype was pretty high for this show, and watching the pilot of a show really doesn't do you anything wrong.


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