The Middle Season 1 Episode 19

S1E19 The Final Four

The Final Four (S1E19) is the Nineteenth episode of season One of "The Middle" released on Wednesday March 31, 2010 on ABC (9 years ago).

Directed by Alex Reid.

Featured guest appearances from Brian Doyle-Murray, Frances Bay.

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Mr. Ehlert takes a liking to Mike and presents him with two tickets to the Final Four - Mike's dream come true! But when Frankie's uncle passes away and the funeral is set for the day of the game, a battle begins to brew as Frankie forces Mike to choose which life event is most important to him. Meanwhile, Sue tries to help Brick get out of going to a birthday party by impersonating Frankie over the phone, but panics when she realizes that Frankie is going to make a call for real in order to get him out because of the funeral.


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