The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 6

S4E6 Tempest

Tempest (S4E6) is the Sixth episode of season Four of "The Last Ship" released on Sunday September 17, 2017 on TNT (4 years ago).

Directed by Peter Weller.

Featured guest appearances from Sibylla Deen, Cameron Fuller.

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Fan Buzz

He was a soldier in the British Army. Bad writing, average acting and unfortunate choice of sasha to fill rachel's shoes! Bosch and Wahlgren are prefect as the two protagonists while Freeman does what he does best with the brooding and soft-spoken Alex. I look forward to it every week!!! I would like to see much more of our stud.

Episode Recap

Because of course, in addition to worrying about their enemies, the crew of the James also has to worry about mother nature. These are the kinds of scenes that make you hold you breath the entire time. We’re held in suspense as we watch the ship get battered and the people on board being knocked from side to side. Master Chief is knocked down in the chaos, and we have to wonder if he’s <...> - per Tell-Tale TV [Ashley Bissette Sumerel]


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