The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 5

S3E5 The Power of Power

The Power of Power (S3E5) is the Fifth episode of season Three of "The Last Man on Earth" released on Sunday November 06, 2016 on FOX (6 years ago). This episode got 596 Facebook reactions and 173 tweets during the month of the release.

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Fan Buzz

I don't understand why everyone hates the Phil Miller character so much when Michael Scott was just as bad or worse IMO. 7 billion cadavers and Phil never runs into a single one. Highly intelligent and probably has experience in the kinds of problem solving the group needs. It's kind of funny how he reacts to the situation, it's kind of funny that he doesn't run into a drop dead gorgeous model as the last woman on earth and the concept could be great... Just like The Walking Dead - the show could have had so much promise but instead is just annoying, frustrating, and stupid.

Episode Recap

Do we have a sense of what any of these characters besides Phil might do for fun? What any of them would choose to excel at? What creative activity do you think Lewis enjoys? What motivates Todd, besides bacon and frozen pizza? Who is Carol's favourite author? What might represent a transcendent experience for Gail? What values does Erica hold dear? Good God. Erica. She’s barely even on this <...> - via Trakt [Abstractals]


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