The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 3

S2E3 Episode 3

Episode 3 (S2E3) is the Third episode of season Two of "The Last Kingdom" released on Thursday March 30, 2017 on Netflix (4 years ago).

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Betrayed by Guthred and condemned to a life of slavery, Uhtred and Halig, along with fellow slave Finan, are forced to row endlessly on a trader ship. Meanwhile, in order to gain their allegiance, Guthred welcomes Aelfric and the savage Dane brothers Erik and Sigefrid into Eoferwic,- a reward for dispatching Uhtred. But when a dispute in the terms threatens to jeopardise the agreement, Guthred offers Gisela as a peace offering. but will she comply? Having been released from imprisonment by Alfred, Ragnar and Brida are given instruction to rescue Uhtred. Accompanied by Saxon warrior Steapa, Ragnar and Hild set off in search of the slave ship. But, with the conditions at sea worsening, will they be able to find Uhtred and Halig in time? As Ragnar travels north to confront the men who sold Uhtred into slavery, he discovers that Guthred is steadily losing control of his power. Erik and Sigefrid have failed to defeat Kjartan and are still at large in the north setting up a stronghold at York once more. Meanwhile in Wessex, Alfred seeks to further his influence over Mercia by arranging a marriage for his daughter Aethelflaed.

Episode Recap

The weakness of the episode is Uthred’s storyline because it is so incredibly rushed. The episode takes place over the course of winter and into spring. Uthred is shown trying to escape, loses his close friends, and within 30 minutes, he’s shown as being psychologically broken before going back to normal when he’s rescued. This is material that could have lasted two or three <...> - according to Entertainment Fuse [Kieran Freemantle]


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