The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2

S2E2 Episode 2

Episode 2 (S2E2) is the Second episode of season Two of "The Last Kingdom" released on Thursday March 23, 2017 on Netflix (3 years ago).

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I love this show. I really liked that show! I liked it, sort of like Vikings. If it stays on course it could be great. EDIT 13nov2015: I started reviewing these myself, but until this show gets a Community link, please go to Posts under my user profile to see the reviews.

Episode Recap

Another inconsistency is in the portrayal of Hild the nun (Eva Birthistle), who wants to become a warrior, bearing in mind in previous episodes she has killed others – including her rapist. Yet in this episode, she beheads a Danish soldier that Uthred killed and her reaction is one of disgust, with her vomiting afterward. If this was the first time she had done any sort of violent action then that reaction would be understandable, but she has already stabbed men in the past, so she is used to seeing the red stuff. The more interesting part of the episode was the political maneuvers between Eadred and Uthred as they fight for the ear of Guthred, and because Uthred has some enemies in Northern England, Eadred has a number of options to take down his rival. Uthred’s evil <...> - by Entertainment Fuse [Kieran Freemantle]


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