The Break with Michelle Wolf Season 1 Episode 1

S1E1 Strong Female Lead

Air Date: Sunday May 27, 2018 on Netflix.

Episode viewer ratings from IMDb: 6.7*.

Source: YouTube (free)

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Episode Recap

Leading to guest Amber Ruffin who Wolf shares a whole segment dedicated to their right and love of not having kids. Not an interview or them telling funny stories and things like that. Another segment which is in the style of something you’d expect from Wolf, but from someone doing a poor imitation of the real thing. When it comes to comedians, there is this occasionally asked question of what is proof that you made it? Is it having a comedy special, hosting the Oscars or having your own show? Well, seemingly one of the milestones for Wolf was having her own show and the premiere made that seem like a terrible idea. <...> - by Wherever I Look [Amari Sali]


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