The Biggest Loser Season 18 Episode 8

S18E8 Boosting Morale

Boosting Morale (S18E8) is the Eighth episode of season Eighteen of "The Biggest Loser" released on Tuesday March 17, 2020 on USA Network (3 years ago).

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Caroline is a big strength to the “real” TBL and she adds to it show rather than detracting from it as AJ does. On tonight's show I believe that Daphne was acting on pure emotion and revenge but the way the brother/sister team was treated when they came back was simply disgusting and pure evil so how could you blame her for "her" rash act All they have to do is try and not give up when things get tough. These hugely unlikeable people and self centred and totally ignorant of how they should be behaving. When Amy C.


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