Taboo Season 1 Episode 3

S1E3 Episode 3

Episode 3 (S1E3) is the Third episode of season One of "Taboo" released on Saturday January 21, 2017 on BBC One (3 years ago).

Directed by Kristoffer Nyholm.

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Fan Buzz

The best quality tv I have watched since I don't know when. The clever twists and turns keep you guessing, and the supporting cast are amazing. Music fits. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds! Lately I seldom watch standard TV but the Taboo series was exceptional.

Episode Recap

In short summation: still grisly and still in no sense of a hurry, but the ever-complicating melodrama is beginning to intrigue me in a way that the rotten characters are failing too. Taboo episode 3 <...> - per The [email protected] [Chris]

James continues to build alliances with people in both low and high places. He seeks out those who could prove most useful to his cause, regardless of their social standing or reputations; as he <...> - per CrypticRock [Misty Wallace]

James Delaney countered that corrupt world in Episode 3 with his will. Making a will, bequeathing everything to America if he died, was a brilliant stroke of strategy. It was curious, however, that <...> - per FilmBook [Rollo Tomasi]

Luckily, things took a step in the right direction this week as we followed James after he escaped an assassination attempt at the end of episode two. From the start James had this rugged, bad-ass <...> - via keithlovesmovies [Sam Schultz]


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