Supernatural Season 15 Episode 2

S15E2 Raising Hell

Raising Hell (S15E2) is the Second episode of season Fifteen of "Supernatural" released on Thursday October 17, 2019 on The CW (6 months ago).

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Fan Buzz

I watched the whole 8 seasons on dvd before season 9 ended on tv. ..Clark Kent/Superman Had heard Crowley's death was suggested one way by Mark Sheppard, but because agreements couldn't be reached between all involved, you literally used the "stab in the back". Love the not overdone humor, smiles, smirks, and glances that bring the characters to life. ..often hiding behind a false facad - to come off the exact opposite of what they truly are

Episode Recap

This last season is definitely the time to explore new interpretations of the same characters. We’ve introduced God as the bad guy for one. Seeing Kevin play “the bad boy” for a few minutes was also good — and what a nice way to bring back a fan favorite. <...> - per Den of Geek [Bridget LaMonica]

It turns out Chuck’s been a lying jerk longer than we thought, and he’d never sent Kevin to Heaven way back in Season 11 as we’d thought; instead, Kevin only just escaped Hell. Dean’s plan of using Kevin to stall the other ghosts’ plan doesn’t work, so he <...> - according to ShowbizJunkies [Saim Cheeda]

I really enjoyed this episode too! There were good moments as well as some interesting questions that came out of it. And I've crafted some semi-hopeful theories. First observation, it seems Chuck and Amara'a family getaway after the end of season 11 <...> - according to DouxReviews [Billie Doux]


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