Shameless Season 4 Episode 9

S4E9 The Legend of Bonnie and Carl

The Legend of Bonnie and Carl (S4E9) is the Ninth episode of season Four of "Shameless" released on Sunday March 16, 2014 on Showtime (5 years ago). This episode got 686 Facebook reactions and 149 tweets during the month of the release.

Featured guest appearance from Sam Carson.

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Carl connects with a troubled girl in detention; Lip grows close to his roommate's ex-girlfriend; Debbie tries to make life miserable for the new girl in Matty's life; Fiona struggles to get a job now that she has a criminal record; Sheila returns from her trip to the reservation with plans to adopt Native American kids; Mickey ignores the birth of his son to spend time with an erratic-behaving Ian.

Episode Recap

Fiona was looking for someone to blame for her life free-fall yet never looked at herself for the culprit. She caused everything to happen, she even told on herself to the police. How were her free will and her actions someone else’s fault? The question is, what will Mickey do about it? He had his bag packed, ready to go then he saw…that. The way Mandy acted frightened then blasé about it (“The F**k are you looking at?”) and Mickey’s wordless response showed how desensitized the both of them are. They are children only numerically. Their mental childhoods ended a long time ago. <...> - by Film-Book [R.W.]


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