Ridiculousness Season 9 Episode 2

S9E2 Jamie Bestwick

Jamie Bestwick (S9E2) is the Second episode of season Nine of "Ridiculousness" released on Friday January 20, 2017 on MTV (4 years ago).

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I think yall should do an episode were yall put eminem on ridiculousness because hes funny and always cracking jokes and whos sold more records in the last decade so plz as a shady and a ridiculousness fan do this She really isn't funny and her laugh is probably the reason sometimes people turn this show off. Rob Dyrdek is a pro skateboarder on the DC shoes skate team, as well as Alien Workshop, Silver trucks and a few others, too, He is also on the new reality Tv show Rob and Big, starring Rob and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. Please do something with that sad piece of waste please. Some of the stunts are funny, but the borderline pornography is beyond ridiculous for daytime TV.


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