Prospectors Season 2 Episode 1

S2E1 The Season Begins

The Season Begins (S2E1) is the First episode of season Two of "Prospectors" released on Sunday October 27, 2013 on The Weather Channel (6 years ago). This episode got 624 Facebook reactions and 155 tweets during the month of the release.

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They will show a 'marathon' of season one b/c season two just started - I watched the whole season in one sitting, then the premiere of season two, it was that riveting for me! Once the snow clears, there are still thunderstorms obviously w lightning that sends everyone scurrying off the peaks a. Not bad for a day's haul, even if split among 5-7 family members! There's a family mining a larger area using an earth digger (which costs them 1k a day) that finds a pocket of amazonite and smoky quartz together, very rare, and their one day dig is later evaluated at 500-600k when finally sold to collectors and museums. All in all, a very pleasant surprise for reality TV, and to me, much more engrossing and beautiful to watch than the other mining shows, though I did enjoy the unique environment of mining under the sea in Bering Sea Gold.


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