Poldark Season 3 Episode 4

S3E4 Episode 4

Air Date: Sunday Jul 02, 2017 on BBC One.

Episode rating on IMDb: 8.2*.

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Episode Recap

Speaking of misery, I shed a tear for Dr Enys. Thank goodness Sindy Doll is better at finding out information from France more cheaply and practically than Ross. But someone needs to rescue him before his beard grows any more matted with the blood of wounded soldiers. I fear his days may be numbered, and I can’t bear it. On a tangent: where is Horace the pug? We haven’t seen him for ages. It was a mixed episode, with some enjoyable comedy moments but little plot progression. It be snowy and Christmastime – let us sing a merry ditty! But, what’s this? Failed harvest, worst winter in 30 years. But how else are poor folk to get food in their bellies? <...> - by The Guardian - Ross is the new Jesus [Viv Groskop]


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