Payitaht Abdülhamid Season 3 Episode 15

S3E15 69. Bölüm

69. Bölüm (S3E15) is the Fifteenth episode of season Three of "Payitaht Abdülhamid" released on Friday January 11, 2019 on TRT1 (6 months ago).

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This series only gives us a glimpse of the history of only the last Ottoman's great Sultan Abdul Hamid II, there's a lot to learn about him and this great empire and its enemies who plotted day and night to make the Muslim empire suffer. I recommend you to watch this TV series. Describes how the Ottoman Empire was destroyed ... So cheek the votes , there is more than 2000 voters gave it 1 point no one used points from 2 to 6 then the real voters who actually saw the series will start to appear from 7 to 10 ... I've become interested in learning more about the Ottoman Empire and this show gives an incredible insight in to the various issues Sultan ^Abdul Hameed faced from all sides.


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