Odd Squad Season 2 Episode 17

S2E17 Cherry-on-Top-Inator/Sir

Cherry-on-Top-Inator/Sir (S2E17) is the Seventeenth episode of season Two of "Odd Squad" released on Wednesday March 22, 2017 on PBS (3 years ago).

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"Geared for children ages 5-8"You must be joking. As a teacher in training I find this show really exciting for learning. And all other actors are funny. I seriously had to think a long time before writing this review, such is the extent to which my hatred cannot be put into words. Maybe the biggest selling point is that getting my kids out of bed for school is a pain, but I found that all I need to do is turn on Odd Squad and they stumble out on their own soon after as they want to see the show.


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