Nit i dia Season 2 Episode 3

S2E3 Intocables

Intocables (S2E3) is the Third episode of season Two of "Nit i dia" released on Monday May 08, 2017 on TV3 (3 years ago).

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I could see cancelling the show, because a kid can't stay ten years old forever, but "discontinuing" the reruns made no sense at all. The manga/anime follows their relationship as they become closer to each other. I wish they had it back on the air. Moving on to the characters, setting, and music; first the characters are believable (well minus the whole god like magic) you really begin to care and hope for them. The acting is acceptable for children and teens and this show will probably be enjoyed mostly by people from the age of 7 to 12 and possibly their parents.


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