Naked and Afraid Season 9 Episode 11

S9E11 Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise (S9E11) is the Eleventh episode of season Nine of "Naked and Afraid" released on Sunday June 10, 2018 on Discovery Channel (11 months ago).

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If they do make it to the end, there is that long, oftentimes painful walk to the extraction site. Well, they caught loads of meat towards the end, as they do, and of course the rains got heavier and they had to go to high ground to the hut she built, saving their lives and completely redeeming her. Its discovery channel, take this garbage off and put on something real The male then gets so frustrated with her, he spends the second half of the episode blaming her for a fire she couldn't realistically have avoided and seems equally petty. I just watched N&A Croatia and while the girl did have bad burns If they were 3rd degree burns they would not have been painful.


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