Naked and Afraid Season 6 Episode 1

S6E1 King of the Forest

King of the Forest (S6E1) is the First episode of season Six of "Naked and Afraid" released on Sunday March 13, 2016 on Discovery Channel (4 years ago).

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" Also, it seems each person can only bring one tool for the trip, which in most cases is a knife and a fire starter. I mean, come on! Defective are the heads of people in the audience that might object to a naked human body and of the producers who get on with an idea like this knowing they'll have to spoil the picture quality to please the stupid prudes. When i watch these shows I like to see how they get fire, how they get shelter and how they get food (and what eat as food). Also they won't highlight which words are taboo, oh no no no.


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