Mr. Pickles Season 3 Episode 4

S3E4 Telemarketers Are the Devil

Telemarketers Are the Devil (S3E4) is the Fourth episode of season Three of "Mr. Pickles" released on Sunday March 04, 2018 on Adult Swim (about a year ago).

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Why don't one of y'all who creates these kinds of shows do something useful with your meaningless life like find God then u will be happy and won't create stuff like this cause if your mind is dark enough to come up with a show such as this one u need some kind of light shown in there! Pickles on going slaughter is stretched to fill plot holes and in a lot of not funny ways but overboard disturbing. I found it cute, how the evil demon dog takes care of the kid Candace, the older sister, attempts to expose them to no luck while the boys pet platypus, Perry, is busy taking out an evil scientist, with the most violent thing that ever happens was when the doctor gets mildly injured in battle with no blood or psychological trauma. I really hope this show picks up popularity so they do many episodes.


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