Mr. Pickles Season 3 Episode 10

S3E10 Season 3 Finale

Season 3 Finale (S3E10) is the Tenth episode of season Three of "Mr. Pickles" released on Sunday March 25, 2018 on Adult Swim (10 months ago). This episode got 460 Facebook reactions and 330 tweets during the month of the release.

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No characters of interest, horrible animation ,and enough mayhem without consequence to have the MPAA (if they would bother to RATE this DIE Mr PICKLES. Pickles. Pickles is a purely demonic being with unknown ties to a sheltered little boy, however his victims all come with their own sins. This could be a plot for a single episode of a show, but not something you can revolve an entire series around (actually, come to think of it, the entire plot is a rip-off of the South Park episodes "Spookyfish" and "Woodland Critter Christmas". I've seen every episode at least twice and there's always a sort of mystery surrounding the show.


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