Mr. Pickles Season 3 Episode 10

S3E10 Season 3 Finale

Season 3 Finale (S3E10) is the Tenth episode of season Three of "Mr. Pickles" released on Sunday March 25, 2018 on Adult Swim (about a year ago).

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No characters of interest, horrible animation ,and enough mayhem without consequence to have the MPAA (if they would bother to RATE this DIE Mr PICKLES. Pickles. Pickles is a purely demonic being with unknown ties to a sheltered little boy, however his victims all come with their own sins. This could be a plot for a single episode of a show, but not something you can revolve an entire series around (actually, come to think of it, the entire plot is a rip-off of the South Park episodes "Spookyfish" and "Woodland Critter Christmas". I've seen every episode at least twice and there's always a sort of mystery surrounding the show.


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