Mountain Monsters Season 6 Episode 4

S6E4 The Silver Giant Of Boone County

The Silver Giant Of Boone County (S6E4) is the Fourth episode of season Six of "Mountain Monsters" released on Wednesday September 11, 2019 on Travel Channel (6 months ago).

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( Big foot is not considered an animal) . Keep 'em coming:) Do the people on this show have real ammunition in the guns if so they should be the poster boys for gun control have I watched the whole show NO would I watch this silly stupid thing NO I am a grownup not in what ever age group this is aimed at I haven't figured that out and someone give the people on this show some carrots or something healthy maybe cut out the late night eating binges who makes up there wardrobe eureka tent and awning real role models you got there and to the people that are watching this (REALLY) you really watch the whole thing OH MY GOD (REALLY) ! Did anyone catch the mysterious figure behind the maze trap on the last episode. Unless you have evidence to prove that Big foot is not reel, You can't say it is not.


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