Most Haunted Season 23 Episode 9

S23E9 Guy's Cliffe House (Part 1)

Guy's Cliffe House (Part 1) (S23E9) is the Ninth episode of season 23 of "Most Haunted" released on Friday March 08, 2019 on Really (10 days ago).

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It would be a much more enjoyable show if I didn't have my eardrums assaulted by people of a nervous disposition who seem to think that this is entertainment. Now with Most haunted being exposed publicly for the wrong reasons you would think they would want to come back with a bang and bring more techniques to the table (not a Ouija board i hope) my example of this would be no mediums as they have gone wrong here before with the whole Derek Acorah nonsense and also limiting people to the investigation, too many people all crammed into one room is not a great assurance for silence whilst trying to supposedly hear spirits, in addition there was also accusations of Karl and Stuart being a cause for a lot of the controversy around noise making and lets say "un honest" activity, now whether this is true or not this is something they needed to consider changing whilst coming back into the light again (no pun intended) but instead we get that very same boring hard to believe nonsense. An entity that gathers it's energy in order to cause harm to not choose it's modern day weapon as a roll of tape! Such a shame as it used to be good Let's get ghost night on Really back on track...


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