Most Haunted Season 23 Episode 8

S23E8 Kelham Hall (Part 2)

Kelham Hall (Part 2) (S23E8) is the Eighth episode of season 23 of "Most Haunted" released on Friday March 01, 2019 on Really (4 months ago). This episode got 706 Facebook reactions and 326 tweets during the month of the release.

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I could say so much more but I think you guys and ladys have said all that needs to be said.. I asked why he was no longer in the show and she replied that he was too honest. As a result there was no information about anything and it was totally amateurish and boring. Really looking forward to this series of Most Haunted as I hoped all the screaming and crying by a certain ex blue peter presenter would stop obviously she has'nt which is really disappointing and I won't be watching anymore, perhaps childrens television is her limit as Zak, Arron and Nick from GHOST ADVENTURES puts Most Haunted to absolute shame. I mean come on when Yvette calls for the spirit to do something and claims she's not scared of them etc and then when something apparently happens all she does is scream and swear...


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